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At Hilmor, they're revolutionizing the HVAC/R world by creating tools that are a step ahead. Every tool they make is designed to give you all the features you need and none of the ones you don't. 

  • *Kits* *Kits*
    Hilmor’s HVAC/R Starter Kit includes some of the most revolutionary new tools on the market. Tools to help you handle superheat and subcool with no sweat.
  • Flaring Tools Flaring Tools
    Simple setup, precise positioning and a secure hold that eliminates the need for a third arm. It’s a common theme you’ll find throughout Hilmor’s line.
  • Swaging Tools Swaging Tools
    At Hilmor, they've built their swaging tools around the way you work. They've retooled the design to make swaging tools much more convenient and comfortable to use.
  • Bending Tools Bending Tools
    Quality bends on the job are a necessity. That’s what inspired Hilmor to retool an entire category of tools. All of their bending tools are designed to make every bend something to be proud to show off and a lot easier to complete.
  • Manifolds Manifolds
    Manifolds operate as your sidekick on every job. They need to be durable. They need to not leak. They need to excel in even the most extreme conditions. The Hilmor line of Manifolds is ready to be put to work with replaceable stainless steel valve seats and SAE-style O-rings.
  • Driving Tools Driving Tools
    When it comes to tightening and loosening fasteners, you want tools that can get the job done fast without damaging the screw. Same for the next job and the job after that.
  • Electronics Electronics
    From gauges to thermometers to thermocouple clamps, Hilmor has retooled some of your most important on-the-job necessities. They've added the features you need and lost the ones you don't. Their products are innovative, simplified and built to help you conquer any job.
  • Gauges Gauges
    You need accurate readings, and you need them at a glance. Hilmor gauges were made for just that. They've improved the graphics, added high-contrast colors and a built-in pressure reminder, and even made their gauges glow in the dark to help you get the reading you need, right when you need it.
  • Hoses Hoses
    A hose is a hose. Well, until now. They've rethought and retooled the hoses you use every day with smart features like an extra abrasion-resistant layer for superior protection in tough conditions. All of their Hoses are rated up to 800 PSI working pressure to work with the newest high-pressure refrigerants.
  • Utility Knives Utility Knives
    Hilmor’s new line of utility knives can definitely cut it. They’re ruggedly durable and seriously sharp. Plus, they come with all the safety features you need to keep you in one piece. Like a Bi-Metal, shatter-resistant blade.
  • Tubing Cutters - Copper/Metal Tubing Cutters - Copper/Metal
    Trim back on the unnecessary complexities of the job with Hilmor’s new line of Copper Tubing Cutters. They’re ruggedly durable, and intelligently designed to slice through copper like it’s their job.
  • Tubing Cutters - Plastic Tubing Cutters - Plastic
    Get a grip on plastic tubing — a really comfortable one. Hilmor’s Plastic Tubing Cutters give you all the features you need without the strain of conventional tubing cutters. Intelligently designed blades give you the upper hand, whether you’re cutting PVC or PEX.
  • Sheet Metal and Duct Tools Sheet Metal and Duct Tools
    Cutting, gripping, stripping, and crimping. Hilmor's family of Pliers, Wrenches and Wire Strippers let you do all that and more, while each tools’ comfortable grip is a treat for your hands.
  • Service Tools Service Tools
    If you like to set the bar high, you need service tools that do the same. Hilmor's Service Tools will help you tend to every last detail, so you can get the job done right.
  • Worksite Storage Worksite Storage
    Hilmor's not just revolutionizing your HVAC/R equipment, they're also retooling the way you store it. They offer a wide array of smart storage and transport solutions for all your valuable tools.
  • Pliers, Wrenches & Wire Strippers Pliers, Wrenches & Wire Strippers
    Cutting, gripping, stripping, and crimping. Hilmor's family of Pliers, Wrenches and Wire Strippers let you do all that and more, while each tools’ comfortable grip is a treat for your hands.
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